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Martha R Kelso: Diabetic Ulcer Wounds, Just One of Many Wounds That Affect the Aging

Episode Notes

About Martha R Kelso: Martha is the Chief Executive Officer of Wound Care Plus, LLC, which is the largest wound care provider in the Midwest and they have been so successful that she's now in Florida and New York. She's well on her way to becoming a national mobile wound care company. Her company uses the most innovative products and cutting-edge technology to treat individuals with wound care or skin issues at almost any site of care and has educated thousands of healthcare professionals and caregivers on wound care issues, federal regulations, and national guidelines. She is a published author and on several national advisory boards. 


In this episode, Steve and Martha discuss:

1. Are bedsores and pressure ulcers considered wounds?

2. Is it accurate to say that bedsores and pressure ulcers are mostly caused by actual pressure from sitting in one position for too long or from shearing on someone who has multiple co-morbidities? 

3. What type of wounds would you say are most common in the senior and elderly community?

4. Martha, are you saying that there is misdiagnosis that is happening where the medical professionals or long-term care settings are actually not properly diagnosing these wounds and they actually are cancer?

5. Is that just a lack of just general training about wounds, or why is this happening so much? 

6. Has wound care been dropped to the bottom as far as priorities for the medical establishment? Shouldn't it be required that they become certified in wound care? Not only long-term care setting employees or directors or nurses but also the actual internist or doctors in general?

7. Are wounds common in the aging population?

8. Is the skin more of a barometer of the general health of the person who's affected by it?

9. How chronic are diabetic foot ulcers and is that an arterial issue, a venous issue, and then how systemic is it?

10.  The wounds on the feet are because the feet are the farthest from the heart, and the blood flow is affected and circulation is not good?


"Anybody that develops shingles, their immune system is already in a weakened state." —  Martha R Kelso


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