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Father Doyle: Uncovering Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church

Episode Notes

About Father Doyle: Tom Doyle, is a truly heroic advocate for transparency and accountability in the Catholic Church, in all churches and synagogues and mosques. There are more than 19,000 people who endured abuse by American priests from 1950 to July 2017. And those are just the ones that can be confirmed and that we know about. For more than 30 years father Doyle has examined approximately 1000 clergy sex abuse cases across the globe, and is an expert witness and consultant to victims of clergy sex abuse. He served as a pastor in Illinois beginning in 1971, was appointed as an advocate for the Metropolitan tribunal of the Archdiocese of Chicago in 1974. He served as Secretary canonist at the Vatican Embassy in Washington DC until 1986. In 1986, he was also commissioned a reserve officer in the US Air Force and was on active duty until 2004. Here has received numerous awards for his tireless advocacy on behalf of victims and survivors of clergy sex abuse. He also wrote a groundbreaking 90 page report in 1985, titled, The problem of sexual molestation by Roman Catholic clergy. And he published a book in 2006 Sex, Priests, and the Secret Codes. 

In this episode, Steve and Father Doyle discuss:

1. When did you first become aware that sex abuse being perpetrated on children in the church was going on? When did that first kind of come onto your radar screen?

2. The Catholic Church has done everything in their power to conceal this from the public but also to not apologize to victims or not to acknowledge it and basically not be accountable or transparent. Is that that accurate?

3. But because you became much more active in pursuing what was going on, did you get any pushback at all from the Archdiocese?

4. Could trace it all the way up to the Pope?

5. Do you think it was a coincidence that a year or two later you were fired from your job as working at the Vatican? 

6. Whatever happened with the Louisiana case? 

7. So a lots happened since then. What have you been doing since you left the Vatican embassy in 1986? Right after 1986, what did you do to advance the cause of trying to really show this or get this exposed to the public?

8. But there's still concealing and lying as of today, right?

9. And for our listeners that don't know about that, can you just briefly talk about what has happened in Pennsylvania? 

10. The report stated that there were over 300 priests that had engaged in this type of activity, is that that accurate? And this is going on now in 12 other states?


"One of the things that truly scandalized me and made me furious with the institutional Catholic Church is they've systemically not only ignored the victims over the years, but they have demonized and in some instances publicly blamed them. So adding insult to injury, they've ignored them." —  Father Doyle


You can hear all this and more on this episode of The Injured Senior Podcast.

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